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Sanner Amp/Nu Fuzz

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:02 pm
by rsanner
Okay, so as mentioned before, I have a couple things for sale. I was trying to avoid it, but, that's life, right? I don't know if the photo links will work, if not, message me and I can e mail them to you.

Thanks for looking, Rick.

First up:
An amp that my dad made me (Ed Sanner) that is essentially new. I plunked around on it a little, I don't play much, and it's been sitting in the house covered up. From what he tells me, he thinks this is the only one made in this format, maybe one other, he's not sure. The difference between this, and his other amps is, this is 100w with the built in Fuzz Tone. It is really clean looking. It has a line out, out put for a cabinet, hi/lo gain switch, foot switch capable for fuzz and reverb. Power out in back. Bright and normal switch, ground switch. From talking too my dad, he doesn't think he will be making any more amps. I know the price may be steep, but if I'm going to sell it, it needs to be worth it.

1,400.00. Shipping would depend on if it's a pick up, or where it's shipped.

I have a Nu Fuzz from the limited re issue a couple years ago by my dad and Bob at Hallmark. I painted the cans for this run, and did one for myself in blue, it's the only one that was done in blue. It is new, as with the amp, I played with it a little, and it's been sitting in the box since.

400.00. Again, shipping will vary depending on the circumstances.