The Ventures Were Surf Instro Music Band Until Mosrite Came Along

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The Ventures Were Surf Instro Music Band Until Mosrite Came Along

Postby MozRite » Fri Jun 28, 2019 1:04 am

The Ventures started out as an instro band and were soon to be labled a surf band. So they were using Fender guitars and were a surf music band but not a rock band in my opinion, but when Mosrite entered into to picture they went from surf instro music band to a surf rock band. Mosrite put the rock in the band.

Wondering if you guys agree with that assessment?

My understanding is they didn't like Mosrite guitars except maybe Nokie. After the contract and relationship with Mosrite ended, Bob Bogle and Don Wilson sold their Mosrites but Nokie kept his. He liked it and as you know he kept a relationship with Mosrite and even had a Nokie model made in the late '80s. As a matter of fact throughtout the years he was seen playing them now and then still. Not sure about Bob, but Don didn't like the necks, he felt that he had a hard time playing that style neck with his big hands. Bob didn't like how the pickups were so hot they overdrove the amps. Don may have felt the same way. But as time progressed their playing became more aggressive and harder and I suspect that's because of Mosrite. Add the Fuzzrite on "2000 Pound Bee" and other songs and they seemed to start to enjoy a heavier more distorted sound. So to me Mosrite sort of evolved this band into a rock band but before with Fenders they were not. Then in older age they weren't as aggressive nor did the fuzz sound and such but for a period of time they rocked out. I think without Mosrite they would have continued to have been a instro or surf music band but not an instro or surf rock band.

What do you all think?
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