Step-by-Step Building Mosrite Clones: Photo Essay

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Step-by-Step Building Mosrite Clones: Photo Essay

Postby EFElliott » Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:29 pm

Hello there fellow Mosrite fans!

Well, I've built Original Mosrites with my ol' friend and mentor Semie Moseley, and custom Mosrite style clones in my own shop for many years and I've never done any step-by-step photos of any of my projects, in fact dozens of my guitars have gotten away without a single photo, so you're going to see it here first, on the Mosrite Forum, Step-by-step photos of the hand-building process of four of my E.F.Elliott Custom Mosrite style guitars. I'm going to be building two '59 Joe Maphis customs and two '63 Ventures style custom guitars.


Administrators note: Simply click on on each topic for a pictorial guide through the process. If you have any questions or comments about a particular step, the individual topics are posted elsewhere in this projects forum and you can post you questions/comments directly to that particular step of construction.

Set #1 Preparing boards for the bodies

Set #2 mark the profiles & sawing out the bodies

Set #3 Routing the body blanks

Set #4 German Carving & attaching binding

Set #5 Triming the binding & finsh body sanding

Set #6 Building the necks & finger boards

Set #7 Sawing neck profile & drilling tuning peg holes

Set #8 Sawing fret slots and installing frets

Set #9 Installing neck trim, position markers & string guide

Set #10 Final shaping of necks & fitting to bodies

Set #11 Building trussrods, attaching necks, routing pickup

Set #12 Preparation and painting

Set #13 Finish painting and silk screen logo

Set #14 Vibrato rough cast parts

Set #15 Cleaning up rough castings & polishing paint

Step #16 Installing tuners to finished product

Step #17 Finished '59 Mosrite clone

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