Back for a Bass build and a casting knob attempt.

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Back for a Bass build and a casting knob attempt.

Postby bluebill » Tue May 05, 2020 12:58 pm

After a long time away it's time to get to posting again. You guys have been busy!!
The double neck I built Hardprom has been working out great for him. I'm pleased the necks and body are staying true and the guitar has been on stage many times. Even the homemade Vibramute is still operating without a hitch. It's been about 3 years now.
Now he has tasked me with another challenge.
I'm going to build a Bass Mosrite copy with the feel and scale length of a Fender P bass. This is for a consistent visual on stage.
So here we go again. There is enough documentation on body builds so this tread will concentrate on the knobs.
I will be making knobs with brass and Nickle plating them to give the look of the aged originals. Yes I have a V and a T knob to use for a pattern. The Bass will get these knobs as well as a cheap knock off copy short scale bass. I will be using the lost wax process for the build. I did the casting for the Vibramute with the sand cast and this will be my first attempt to do the lost wax method. I will try to document every step. I will not be using any of the high end commercial equipment but pretty much home made DIY work arounds. This includes the wax injector.
I will also document the process of plating the parts including the making of the electrolyte. So I do expect some failures and of course some success. I will also try to keep tabs on the costs of the project.

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