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Postby Dennisthe Menace » Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:40 pm

A few of us were PMing each other one day, when one of us came up with a COOL Idea.
Why not start a thread to see if we can maybe help educate the Mosrite Seller on E-Bay,
should he "Steer South" with his info on the item. And it might just be an honest mistake
with his info, or maybe HE/SHE was given wrong info and he/she might not be aware
of the incorrect info, soooooooo,
ANYONE WHO WISHES TO BRING an E-BAY ITEM on board here for discussion, please feel
free to do so. However, this FORUM also asks of its Members to first please read the

.....................GUIDELINES for Discussion..................

Please conduct yourself in an orderly fashion when discussing the item(s) by the seller.
In other words, we are looking to have discussion(s) in a positive light. We prefer not to
have this Thread turn into a "bashing of the E-Bay Forum" or how maybe someone you
know, got ripped off in the past. We are looking to have 'positive' discussions on this Topic.
For example, maybe pointing out an error that the 'Seller' might of advertised, and maybe as
a good gesture, notify the Seller and letting him/her know. 99 per cent of the time, the Seller
DOES appreciate it when someone helps him/her out by 'guiding them' in the right direction.
.....and besides.......ANYONE that fails to adhere to these simple Guidelines.........will face
Serious Fines by having their Mosrites taken away :shock: until they can prove to the rest
of the Members, that they WILL obey by the rules set forth here by this Forum.. ;)
p.s....Oh!....and they WILL also get their Mosrites back :mrgreen: .
make the Mos' of it, choose the 'rite stuff.
.........Owner of 9 Mosrites...
.....proud owner and documented:
1963 "the Ventures" Model s/n #0038

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