Reverb: Celebrity I Bass, Long Scale? Wow.

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Reverb: Celebrity I Bass, Long Scale? Wow.

Postby 101Volts » Tue Jun 08, 2021 4:56 am ... emely-rare


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About This Listing
Mosrite Celebrity-1 Bass 34" scale (that's right long scale, not short scale) Flame Maple front, back & sides, Rosewood fingerboard, full size hollow body bass, Fixed Bridge Not floating, dual single coil pickups, dual F holes, Extremely Rare serial number LL0001, stamped on the headstock and inside the body on the sticker. Original tuners, knobs, covers, celluloid pickguard and control plate, everything in Excellent Plus condition. Even all the binding is intact and not separated. One ding on the headstock edge near the D tuner, several small dings on the neck edges and that's it no other scratches or dents. Case is original Victorias luggage with some scuffs and small tears. It has flat wound strings on it and has The Classic 1960's California bass sound when played with a pick. This bass is crazy rare in this configuration and condition, you cannot even find a picture of one. When I sent a description and picture to Sarah who runs the Mosrite Celebrity website she called this bass extremely rare and has never even seen one before."

- Austin
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