Award BG500 amp repair update

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Award BG500 amp repair update

Postby telstarventure » Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:01 pm

Well I ended up shipping my BG500 amp to Tone Tron Amps in Minneapolis, MN. The technician Jeffrey Falla, when I called him and told him that I had a Award BG500 amp he knew right away of what amp and what problems they had with them and knew that they were made in MN. I did call other places that do repair work on amps but some never heard of the amp and some didn't think they want to work on the amp something do with parts. Well Jeffrey replace all the substandard parts many of the capacitors had to be replace and he also check the resistors as some could have drifted. I did ask him of what he thought of the design and he didn't think the design is terrible and it isn't much different from other moderate budget solid state amps of that era. This is the last update that I got today! Got it all working like it should (maybe even a little better than it should). The Tremolo is a little wacky by design. It is tied to the Vibrato, so to get the vibrato to work like it should (and it work's nicely) I had to really boost the Tremolo so it is very strong which isn't bad but when you use the pedal to switch off the Tremolo it also cuts down the overall gain somewhat. That doesn't happen with the vibrato at all or if you use the panel switch. I'm not sure why they put both tremolo and vibrato on the amp. The vibrato is a way better effect. Putting them both in the way they did doesn't make sense. The fuzz and the reverb work beautifully. Overall the amp's tone is also very nice. I was able to overcome most of the design and construction flaws. And he only charge me for repairs and parts and including extra 313 blubs and shipping $180.00.

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