Very pleased with my new Hallmark 65 Custom

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Re: Very pleased with my new Hallmark 65 Custom

Postby Tronman » Tue Feb 19, 2019 5:44 am

amoviebuff wrote:Tronman: You can get a good idea how your guitar would look with a black pickguard by doing what I did before making my purchase. You can either use the picture of the sunburst guitar on the Hallmark website and save it to a JPG file, or use one of your own JPG photos of your guitar. Use Windows 10's Paint 3D (or some other such app). There is a command to select any bordered area of one color on the image and, with one mouse click, change it to another specified color. The Paint 3D app gave me a rudimentary view of what the candy blue guitar from Hallmark's photo would like after changing the pickguard from white to black. Still, it was convincing enough for me to request that change with my purchase. If you decide to change out your pickguard, Bob Shade would probably give you a very good price on a replacement.

Good idea. Thanks Don!
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