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In order to prevent your access to the forum being deleted you must make at least one post anywhere on the forum (usually in the introduction section). This MUST be done on your very FIRST visit. The forum is automatically purged of members with zero post count after registering. If your account has been deleted you will have to re-register to regain full access.

Forum purpose and guidelines

This forum has been established for the sole purpose of entertainment and exchange of information only. Our intent is to honor Semie Moseley and to help preserve the Mosrite legacy. It will not be used for commercial or monetary gain. We do not allow personal grievances of any type here on the public forum as it will not resolve the problem and will only lead to problems for the forum. The Mosrite forum is privately owned and has no affiliation with the legal owners of Mosrite. Additionally this forum is for mature and responsible dialog, the administrators and moderators will not tolerate vulgar innuendos, foul, demeaning or abusive language, nor discussions about sex, politics, race or religion.
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