Thank you Roman Guitars for repairing my Mono 300

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Thank you Roman Guitars for repairing my Mono 300

Postby rtdreep » Thu May 07, 2020 8:49 am

Shout out to Bob @ Roman Guitars, who has done a wonderful job repairing my Mono 300. This guitar had been unplayable for over a decade because the neck was bowed and warped, and estimates to fix it went from $800 to $1000. However, Bob discovered that when tapping out the old, bad truss rod, the neck astonishingly became "dead straight". He put in a new double truss rod, checked out all the electronics, replaced a switch, and had the guitar perfect for under $400. I'm incredibly grateful to Bob for getting my guitar playable again!

I bought this guitar new around 1978 from Paul's Music Store in Moline, IL. It came with a matching bass guitar, which I sold to Frank Johnson, a great bass player in my high school's jazz band. The guitar itself originally had only the neck pickup, but I wanted more meat to the sound, so I had a Bill Lawrence bridge pickup added around 1980. I replaced the original Mosrite neck pickup with a Seymour Duncan P90 (still have the Mosrite pickup), shortly before the neck became bad, but I'm looking forward to hearing the tonal possibilities.



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Re: Thank you Roman Guitars for repairing my Mono 300

Postby Sarah93003 » Sat May 09, 2020 1:05 pm

Congratulations getting your guitar playable again. Enjoy!
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Re: Thank you Roman Guitars for repairing my Mono 300

Postby 101Volts » Mon May 25, 2020 9:46 am

Hi and Welcome! What's the serial number on your 300? I collect their numbers for archiving purposes, since Mosrite's original records burned in a factory fire in the 80s. I haven't seen many of the (originally) 1 Pickup 300s around, yours is the 3rd one. The number's stamped into the neck, by the last fret. I tried enlarging the photo to see the number, but it didn't work.

Also, did you replace the original neck pickup because it started sounding weak? I've read that Mosrite were using cheap magnets in their pickups around 73 or so. Maybe they're fridge magnets, I don't know, but they lost their punch (I have one Mosrite Humbucker myself.)

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