Now there are Chinese Copycat Mosrite Bluesbenders.

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Now there are Chinese Copycat Mosrite Bluesbenders.

Postby 101Volts » Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:14 am

To condense the topic from Surfguitar a bit,

oldjohn1951: "I have had okay experiences with Aliexpress but here goes another: They are offering a Mosrite Blues Bender repro for around $450 with hardshell case. So-do I feel lucky? I can go in for $450. Reminds of the old candy machine ploy, "Guess what--take a chance--you may get two." No guts no glory."

(11th reply in:)

oldjohn1951: "Okay, so here's my Mosrite Blues Bender Tribute Guitar. It took four months to get from China at a total of $443 with hard shell case. Setup cost addl. $40 and Mosrite-style knobs from Hallmark were $75. Strings it came with were horrid; very thin and tinny-sounding. Installed Ernie Ball Medium Beefy Slinky 11-54 (#2627 pack) and it has a nice loud clean "Roadhouse" tone. After set-up, action is very nice. Had to hunt around for a push button dpdt phase switch. I wired up and installed the switch but pickups only have two leads so that's another project for another time. Instead of farting around with it, it is time to go play and enjoy. Would I do it again? NO! Other guitars are a far better value but it is way way less than the Eastwood 300 Mosrite Clone at about $790 with hard shell case. I'm glad I have it however."


The carve's sharper than a real 70s model:


I wouldn't have mentioned this but I thought we at the forum should know that now there are Chinese knock-off copies of the Bluesbender, a Mosrite guitar that didn't sell well in the first place.

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